Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Route for Hill Climb.

Due to extremely last minute, unexpected, and unforeseen logistical reasons, the Hill Climb route has been changed. Luckily, we have a crack team of super volunteers in our STC stable that unleashed their collective experience and resources and together with an extremely supportive Rockyview County, we have come up with an alternative route!

The new route is still almost in town and is a climb that the club has wanted to use for several years. Parking will be at the Springbank Park for all Seasons / Highschool (probably) located on Springbank Road. PLEASE read the updated technical guide once it is available for any updates to parking.

Our team is pleased to offer you this new route in light of the new insurmountable obstacle on the original course presented to us this week. Thank you very much for your understanding with this issue. Thank you to all the teammates that have come through for Alberta Cycling !

AGAIN, the new technical guide will be available soon. PLEASE read it after crushing the TdB !! Good luck this weekend and see you all on the 10th !!

Speed Theory Cycling

Below is the new route:

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alberta Cycling Super Week website

The dB Performance Jason Lapierre Memorial is part of the Alberta Cycling Super Week (ACSW). You can enter all races or any race individually. There is a GC component for those taking part in the entire ACSW and there is also a GC component for those taking part in all three stages of the JayLap Memorial.

Here is a link to the ACSW website.

Here is a link to the details of the JayLap on the ACSW website.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Registration LIVE for the dB Performance Jason Lapierre Memorial!


Register here.  You can register for the entire Cycling Superweek, the entire 3 day dB Performance Jason Lapierre Memorial, or individual events.

Check that you are on the confirmation list here.


New Title Sponsor! STC welcomes dB Performance

STC is proud to announce dB Performance as our title sponsor for the 2012 Jason Lapierre Memorial.

dB Performance is a Calgary-based software company that provides advanced Wi-Fi roaming connectivity for smartphones and other mobile devices. dB Performance enables a reliable and secure Wi-Fi connection for your device at home, office and public hotspot locations.

Obtaining a local sponsor is exciting for STC!